Hello! My name is Leena and I am a graphic designer in Toronto. I was fortunate enough to know exactly what I wanted to do as a career from a young age, which is to make beautiful things. I love art and design is my passion, but early on in my graphic design career, I realized that something was missing. I wanted the opportunity to be truly creative and improve lives. I wanted to be challenged and I wanted to do what I love – and get paid for it.

So I turned to freelancing, which is what I’ve been doing since 2013. I’ve met many brilliant people and gained so many new skills since then. I love learning and helping my clients find solutions through graphic design.

When I’m not freelancing, you’ll often find me advocating on subjects around technology, branding and health and wellness. I love practicing yoga with my husband and studying Japanese in my spare time.

Now that you know more about me, tell me about you!




“For over 6 years, we have contracted Leena for all of our design needs. Leena is an incredibly talented designer and is capable of turning projects around with tight timelines.”

— Kevin Behan, Director, The Clean Air Partnership

“We contracted Leena into the development of a complicated brand, yet she completely understood the visual aesthetic we were looking for. She was able to build a stylish layout with no difficulty. Leena’s professionalism and work ethic are very much appreciated. I look forward to hiring her again!”

— Jeremy Kaposy, Design Artist, Corus Entertainment

“Everyone agrees [The Owlkids Backist Catalogue] looks amazing! At Owl Kids, we really appreciate how you went above and beyond to take care of the details with this project. It’s always a pleasure working with you.”

— Allison MaClachlan, Marketing Manager, Owl Kids Books